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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hello today is July 31 and one of the most anticipated iPod-touch/iPhone apps was released two days ago, and I see why it's been talked about for awhile. Its name is Minigore. Minigore has been one of the games were gameplay and screenshots were shown quite early by the developer on there blog ( minigore.blogspot.com ). Plus this game has gotten a bunch of hype on ipod touch forums.

This game is a game much similar to idracula, but much less gory (yes I know) and with only one level and 3 weapons. Altho this does not mean any less fun! You play as John gore ,who is a small man trying not to die from enemies called furries. When you first start up minigore you have five choices 1. Play 2. Opitions 3. Credits 4. Online and 5. Highscores. Let's click play. When starting the game the controls are show to you, the controls are vitual pads on top of the gAme. Right disc is aim while firing left is move around. You start out with a endless amout of Ammo for your machine gun as you weapon and you have to lives ( the update has already been submitted with a third life and a radar). You start firing by touching the red firing pad and moving it around and then you start moving by touching the blue pad. I find the onscreen controls kinda hard to use nit because of the controls but because of then being on the screen which then covers the bottom half of your iPod/phone.
Now you start moving shooting whatever and you see a little black furry thing that has some sharp teeth, those are your enemies. Currently there are 4 types of furries. Small furries the are one shot kills, medium are are multiple shot kills and every hit or so a little furry comes from it. Then there are big furries that take lots of shots too bring down, but once you have they become three medium ones and 5 or so little ones, remember the medium ones become smaller ones after you take them down. Then there are gigantic furries ( which I have not made it too yet ) that are flaming and when are down become big furries and so on and so forth. There are also little flaming furries that go faster then the normal furries. feeling cornered? Not to worry you have unlimted ammo and if you collect enough four leaf clovers (3) you become a beast! Which can kill anything as long as you have it. 5 to 10 seconds I'm not sure. Also every once in awhile a shotgun box will come and you can pick it up to get 10 or so shots with a 3 way gun or shoot it and make it explode as a circle of bullets. You get points for every kill and the higher the points the better.

Now 2. Options you can choose music (there music which is pretty good) or no music or your music on your iPod. Sfx or no sfx which is shooting noises furry death noises ect. You can also choose voice which is John gore ( who you play as) saying stuff such as " that was close" or I've never seen that before".
Then you have the option to flip the screen. And last but not in this order, you have the expert option. Which is basicly more furries faster and the Higher level ones faster.

3. Is credits and we all know what that's means

4. online: This game is feint enabled meaning there can be achievements, high scores and chat. Right now there are no achievements, but in future updates there will be says the developers. Highscores works fine if you have anyother feint enabled app no need to sign in. But if you are new you can use a facebook, Twitter, or make a feint account. If you use Twitter or facebook it can acsess your feed to post, but only with permisson and there is a setting that says feed intargration you can turn that off and it won't think about posting.

5. Highscores is the local (yours) highscores for

Overall this simple game is fun and addictive, but still very simple as I said in future updates *this* will becomeing out. So it's a fun game that can only get better. Right now my rating is 6.5 out of 10 because so far there are no achievements too be done and no story mode, but when those come out this game will own the app store.

Name: minigore
Price: .99c

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