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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ever loan something to your friend and they don't believe you did? lent is the app for you!

With lent you can take a photo of the object of lending and add it to lent out items with a Contact of your choice. It is then added to your list, you can then click on the photo and it will show the full image and give you a choice to nag them by phone or email if available. It will tell you on the all items screen how long you have lent it out. Lent also keeps a badge number of how many items are out. When its returned just hit the "returned" button and its gone!

Its a really nice app and will use it next time i lend something out. But you can't add a return date to give a notification that its time to return, That or something like that would be really nice. Other then that this app is simple and really useful!

4 out 5 stars!

Not sold? Try the lite version!

Name: Lent

Price: $1.99

Download here

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