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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Buka is a game where you play as a little blue moon named "buka!" It talks like a baby moon in need of a mommy which is very cute. Your plan is to try to destroy the asteroids before they reach buka.

In buka there are two modes: 1. Journey, which is a story mode where you go through levels Each level comes with different and harder enemies. I find journey a lot of fun because of the cute stuff buka will say to you! 2. Survival, which is a endless attack of the asteroids. Survival is all enemies at all times not as in journey where there are slowing new enemies with each new level. It may sound like very few types of levels, but survival never ends and journey has quite a few levels.

When is comes to controls they are simple and easy, kinda. On the first journey level buka says tapping will destroy the enemies, but to destroy a asteroid you must touch and hold the screen to build up a blast and then let go near a enemy. To move buka you can either turn tilt on or leave it off, or move buka around by touching and dragging around the screen. When you drag you will continue to move in the direction you moved to even after you let go so be careful not to throw buka into a enemy! Controlling buka and destroying enemies can get hard when they're all over the screen. To pause the game you must double tap buka.

The graphics in the game are really quite nice and the sounds are also very well thought out. The options panel gives you the ability to turn down the music and the sound and also to turn on and off the tilt. When you play this game you may be wondering "where are the scores??" Well the scores can only be accessed while playing either of the modes, by pausing the game and clicking stats.

I give this app 4 out of 5 stars because of how simple it is, and how easy it is to learn the controls. Only i don't give it 5 because there is no real tutorial which really explains how to destroy and enemy Which you really need to know.

Want to try before you buy? download the lite version here

Name: Buka
Price: $1.99
Download here

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