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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Globall a game of glowing balls and global high scores!

Just to start of the name is a play on words, Glow ball and global. This game is were you try and make the highest score in the world, country, start ect. Either by level or by total score.

In glow ball you play useing tilting to move your glowing ball (hints the glow ball part of the name) and are trying to hit colored squares to make points. And if you finish within the time you get bonus points!

You have lives in this game or balls. You start with three and can earn more by collecting 25 coins which are in most levels. Each extra life at the end of the level is 500 points which is nice if you have 5 or 6. If you lose all your lives you must restart the level.

You can pick up multipliers for one color at a time, and each multiplier adds by one 1x so you pick up a 2x the next will be 3x and so on and so forth. Now let's say you pick up a green 2x then a pink 2x it's then 2x for the pink and you lose the green 2x and have to start with 2x again for green.

Then there are weapons or power ups. Each power up has a different advantage one is the lighting which get most of the color squares within two sqaures of each square. There is a chainsaw which can go thru the squares and a few others.

The are multiple enemies in this game and the way there are multiple ways to defeat them. Some are invincible now way to beat them (unmoving spike balls). Then there are other moving enemies which can be defeated by running into them and shaking your device in time then losing your 2x ( or 3x or 4x...) or by using your power up to run right thru them and gain points.. If you don't have a power up or multiplier you lose a life. There is also a snake like thing with a claw as a head which stretches out and gives you the ability to hit one of it's white circles to kill it and gain 1,000 points, but don't hit the head or you WILL lose a life!

There is some puzzle to this were you must open doors, dodge flame things and such. There are also bouncy balls that you must be aware of, they don't hurt you but could bounce you into something that could!

Globall has a nice score system that uses your location to see how well you are doing in score area! It tells you you are #12345 and have the best score in 1234 feet (or if it is larger then a mile then it says 3 miles) you can not have it submit to high scores also if you would like. There are 52 levels in globall right now and most likely there will be more!

Overall this app has nice clean graphics and quite a few levels so I give this app a 8.5 out of 10. I would give a 10 if there were some chalenge levels or a chalenge mode. But if you want a new iPod touch game that lots of fun choose this!

(You can try out the lite version before you buy. just search for globall lite!)

Name: globall
Price: $2.99
Download here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=316531130&mt=8

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