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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Death deluxe

With dr. Death deluxe you can have fun and tell how much your body is worth dead or alive (I'm worth about 1.7m Alive!) and how many days you got left. Now keep in mind that this is just a fun app that does a lot of approximation. This app also gives you some cool human body facts as your doing the quiz.

To find out these answers you answer simple multiple choice questions, such as do you smoke? 1. Like a train! 2. Occasionally 3. With a group 4. Never! They also have fun questions like: sex? Male, female, yes please! The only personal info you put in is your birthday when you do the death clock watch quiz. But it resets every time you open the quiz.

All of the outcomes you can upload to facebook through a simple sign in and post. You must log in each time you open the app if you want to post it to your wall.

One of the problems is when you click a wrong answer to a question that you want you either restart or live woth it. Because it is so easy to click the wrong one.

Overall this app is great I give it a 4 out of five stars for being a fun to play and very simple!

Name: dr. Death deluxe
Price: .99c
Download here: at the iTunes store!

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