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Friday, August 28, 2009


Love creating blobs of color and making it a game?? Mixt is for you.

With mixt you drag blobs of color together to make bigger blobs and then drag those blobs into the same color pots at the bottom. Its a lot of fun because you can test those color making skills and also practice them if you don't know them!

With this game you grab a blob of any color and the drag it to another blob make them one bigger blob. when you want to merge to blobs you must touch one blob drag it to another and make sure the lighting between the blobs is glowing on both of them. Make bigger blobs to fill up the pots at the bottom faster and score more points.Uh oh you made a brown blob, Just touch and drag across the blob to slice it in half and split into the primary colors! Sometimes you will need blue yellow or green. Sometimes orange green or purple. Sometimes turquoise and other mixes of mixes. When you make a big blob thats shaking like crazy then it means its going to break into two colors, but put it in a pot before it does and you will make that pot be able to take any color for a little bit. Fill 5 pots go onto the next level. Now if you put a color in the wrong pot then you will lose energy. Lose all of your energy it's game over, But you can gain energy back by filling pots and finishing levels. The bar at the bottom of the pots tell you how much the pot needs until its full. The bar at the top tells you how much energy you have, how many more pots you have left to fill in that level, level number, score and multiplier. Im still not sure how to get the multiplier .

There are 3 difficulties : easy medium and hard, Which can be changed in the options menu.The online score is becoming alot like a mix of tap tap revenge on line profile and feint i really like it. There are achievements for this game and online scores.

I like this game a lot but because there is only levels it gets kinda old after awhile. The simpleness of this game makes it really fun but is surprisingly pretty hard. The graphics are awesome and couldn't be changed for the better. sounds are cool and the music is sweet. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Edit: I have now relized the other modes are every three levels there is a special level. Chop or pop? avalanche or speed round. Now that i realize that bravo!



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