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Monday, August 17, 2009


Do you have a gmail account and sometimes need to be notified the instant you get a email? Then gpush is the perfect app for you! All you have to do is 1.download the app 2. Say yes to get notifications 3. Put your gmail user name and password and hit enter and you're done! When your done with that you never need to open the app again! Everytime you get a message from gmail a bubble pops up like it does when you get a text. Click close open you email and you got the email! It's that easy!

Okay sounds great but does it work? Not all the time it really needs some work on the part. I sent myself emails and only got like 7 out of 10 very bad that way. And it doesn't really read the messages just the subject.

I give this app. 3 out of 5 starts because it's so easy and fast! But its not working most of the time! It's only 99c and this is one thing a lot of people need. So buy it now if you really want it.

Name: Gpush
Price: 99c
Download here

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