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Monday, August 17, 2009

Zombieville USA.

Zombieville USA is a 2d side scrolling game like Mario. Only instead of jumping on people you kill zombies, earn money. Shelter in houses and gain ammo or cash. And upgrade your guns.

In zombieville the controlles are simple. Right and left arrows red for fire gun green for use melle wepon. And when you click on your weapon next to the health bar that's how you change your weapon and click doors to get in houses. May seem simple enough, but your wrong. While playing the first few levels of zombieville I thought boring and it's hard to gain money to buy weapons. But as I went higher and higher into the levels the zombies got harder and the money came in faster which makes it alot of fun.

There's one gameplay type, but there's 3 difficulties and you can have 1 life 3 or 5. At the end of each level you have the choice to buy a new weapon or upgrade it, get full health, and upgrade you melle weapon. All depending on if you have the money. Each level last maybe a minute to five all depends on how you play it. There is a pause and you can exit the app then come back later to start back up where you left off. There are different weapons you can buy such as a shotgun, machine gun, ak47 and more. That's all I have unlocked because I didn't know the update gave me 3 or 5 lives if I wanted. But from the screen shots it looks like you have a rocket launcher and flame thrower in there as well. There are multiple zombie types one is a normal zombie that strength increases every level and this white zombie that is basicly one shot kill but it runs really fast so you must be careful.

When you die if you have multiple lives choosen you start the level that you died on with the same stuff you started that level with. So try not to die!

There is no story to this I guess you can make it up on your own. For the people who do not like zombies whose heads explode and blood and brains go on the ground. Do not buy this app! Every single one of the zombie die that way!

There is a lite version to try it out!

Overall this app is great it's a fun game for anyone wanting to play a old stlye game with touch controls. I give it a 5 star rating because it's so easy to play yet so hard to finish the levels!

Name: zombieville USA.
Price: $1.99
Download here

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