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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parachute Panic

When you first play this game you think "AH what was i thinking? Why did i buy this!?" But as you play more and more it becomes more and more fun.

In parachute panic you must land little paratroopers on a aircraft carrier by opening their parachutes and flicking the screen in different directions to blow the wind. Sounds easy enough but when the ship starts moving and there are clouds, aliens and helicopters it can get hard. You must flick the screen in the direction of the way you want to the little guy to go but only if you do it near him will it move him. As the levels go and the ship starts moving across the screen so you will need to learn to aim!

There are two difficulties easy and normal. The difference is in easy everything is slower paced and also to take down a ufo or helicopter you must tap 3 times in easy and 5 times in normal. You have 5 lives in each of the difficulties. To lose a life you must miss the ship and get eaten by a shark, touch a cloud with a parachute open, be taken by a ufo, touch the helicopter or open their parachute to late.

There is also a cool little stats menu with how many times you've been eaten by a shark, fallen to far and some other stuff.

Overall i give this app 5 out of 5 stars because it rocks! The music the guy did is awesome and really funny. The graphics are awesome also! Very simple yet lots of fun and when you play you will never get bored!

Not sure? download the Lite version here

Name: Parachute panic
Price: .99c Its on sale!
Download Here

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